Can I deduct my computer or internet?

Most pilots & flight attendants will not be able (or even want to) try to write off their computer, but internet bills are different.  A flight crewmember's monthly internet bill may be partly deductible depending on their situation.  That being said, you should not attempt to write off 100% of an internet bill.  Only the work-related portion should be written off.

For any expense to be tax deductible, it must meet the four deductibility tests.  The last test says that in order for an expense to be deductible, it must not be personal.  An internet bill is typically both personal and business related, and it is sometimes mixed with other expenses like cable TV, which is not deductible.  You must strip out the non-business-related expenses, and then determine the amount of your internet expenses that pertain to your work as a pilot or flight attendant.  This can be a fixed amount or a percent of the total internet bill.

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