Learn more about how EZPerDiem works and why it saves flight crewmembers thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Don't feel bad if you need to read a bit more before jumping in. Flight crew taxes are not intuitive. You're not alone! We have been preparing flight crew tax returns for over a decade. We have helped more than fifteen thousand pilots and flight attendants calculate the per diem deduction, and we have grown to love helping flight crewmembers save money on their taxes.

Why write off flight crew tax deductions?

Writing off flight crew tax deductions could potentially lower your taxes by hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. Many pilots and flight attendants do not realize that they are wasting thousands of dollars, each and every year. EZPerDiem wants to help you prevent that from happening ever again.

By saving an extra $1,000 in taxes every year, a pilot or flight attendant could add about $200,000 to their retirement, assuming a historical 10% annual interest rate for 30 years. International flight attendants save more money than anyone -- as much as $4000 per year.

Does EZPerDiem just calculate the per diem deduction?

No. EZPerDiem calculates EVERYTHING a pilot or flight attendant needs to complete IRS Form 2106. We don't entice you with letting you believe you get a free per diem calculation, only to have you find out that nothing is free. Pilots and flight attendants can try EZPerDiem for free, see if the results are worth paying for, and if not, simply don't pay. And if you do pay and end up not benefitting, we will simply give you a refund. Simple as that.

EZPerDiem calculates a pilot or flight attendant's per diem deduction, AND it also significantly reduces the chances of crew members missing other important flight crew tax deductions, as well.

What does EZPerDiem do that other sites or tax services don't?

EZPerDiem is a no-nonsense per diem calculator AND flight crew tax deduction finder. We give much more than a number. We give support every step of the way, we help you find other common tax deductions that you might be overlooking, we provide an an actual flight crew tax report that you can use and/or send to your accountant, and we also provide super-easy instructions for entering the tax data into TurboTax, if you wish. And of course, we provide the most complete, accurate, and flexible per diem calculator for pilots or flight attendants that exists on the web, hands down.

What if I still can't figure out how to do prepare flight crew taxes using EZPerDiem?

Don't worry. EZPerDiem has a level of support that you won't find elsewhere. If you need us to do the flight crew tax portion of your tax return for you, you can pay for our EZPremium service. If you want your entire tax return prepared for you, we can do that too using EZCrewTax, where your return is professionally prepared by a CPA, start to finish. No matter what your situation, we can help.

Doesn't my CPA or accountant do this?

If your accountant doesn't specialize in aviation tax preparation, we can pretty much guarantee that your accountant is not doing this. A local accountant may do a great job with most of your taxes, but there is simply too much time wasted for them to attempt to do what EZPerDiem does. What takes EZPerDiem a matter of minutes to accomplish would take several hours by hand. An accountant might say they do flight crew taxes, but chances are they are not really calculating the city-by-city per diem deduction, and that is the main component of flight crew tax deductions that generates big tax refunds. Most local CPAs or tax preparers simply use the special rate for transportation workers, which is almost always far less of a benefit. If they actually did spend the time to calculate the per diem deduction, an accountant that charges an average of around $150 per hour would give you a bill for almost $500 for their time. It just doesn't happen.

How does EZPerDiem help me enter my flight crew expenses into TurboTax?

You can download the TurboTax Guide and be guided on entering the numbers that EZPerDiem generates directly into TurboTax. We even have a video to guide you through it. It is that simple!

What now?

Give EZPerDiem a try and see for yourself. Look below the orange button. You can see approximately how many tax returns EZPerDiem has helped with. If thousands of you coworkers trust us, should you?

It's free to try it, and if it doesn't benefit you, we will give you your money back via our no-risk-guarantee.

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