Why are the per diem calculations not available until the end of the tax year?

Flight crewmembers who make payment for a tax year that is not yet over, will notice that the Final Tax Report does not display data yet.  This is because the per diem rates for a given year are not loaded until the year ends.  There are two reasons why per diem calculations are not available until the end of a given tax year.

  1. The M&IE expenses need to have the entire year's overnights in order to be calculate properly.
  2. The per diem rates are generally not assumed to be accurate until the year end.

Rest assured that it is perfectly normal and is nothing on your end that needs to be corrected.  Once the tax year is over, the data will show.  For example, the per diem rates for a tax year would be viewable in early January of the year after the tax year, since the full tax year ends December 31.

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