What happens to expenses I enter in the Expense Processor?

The Expense Processor helps you find and calculate deductible expenses for your flight crew employment, but it does more than that.  It automatically sorts these expenses so you know where they go on IRS Form 2106.  This makes it much easier for you or your tax preparer to complete your taxes.

All of the expenses you enter will be migrated to the Final Tax Report so they end up right where they are supposed to on your tax forms.  This makes preparing your taxes a snap for you or your accountant.  It even sorts out the expenses for easy entry into TurboTax!

What's all this about?

EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants with their flight crew taxes by:

  • Calculating your per diem deduction using two methods!
  • Helping you find flight crew tax deductions you are not aware of!
  • Organizing all the deductions on a Final Tax Report!
  • Making it easy for you to give the report to an account or enter into TurboTax!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not benefit, we will provide a 100% refund!

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