How do I enter the data in my tax report into TurboTax?

When using EZPerDiem for your flight crew tax deductions (including the per diem deduction), use the TurboTax guide to help show you how to enter the numbers from EZPerDiem's FInal Tax Report into TurboTax.  The TurboTax Guide will take you all the way through the process, and it will make using TurboTax for flight crew taxes significantly quicker for you.

A word of caution:  Often pilots and flight attendants will enter their numbers into TurboTax, then think it didn't help increase their refund.  While this might be true sometimes, there is no way to know if it helped until the ENTIRE tax return is completed.  The refund number that TurboTax displays is not accurate until the return is completed, and this is especially true for flight crew members because the benefit depends on other parts of your return (AGI, itemizing, and the 2% limit).  You might not have exceeded the the threshold for itemizing when you enter the work expenses, so until the return is complete, you simply don't know if it helped or not.

Per our money back guarantee, if we find that you did not benefit, we will refund you, however we must see the completed return to do that.

What's all this about?

EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants with their flight crew taxes by:

  • Calculating your per diem deduction using two methods!
  • Helping you find flight crew tax deductions you are not aware of!
  • Organizing all the deductions on a Final Tax Report!
  • Making it easy for you to give the report to an account or enter into TurboTax!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not benefit, we will provide a 100% refund!

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