Where do I enter the time that I started a trip?

It is not necessary to enter the time of day that you begin and end a trip.  The first and last day of any trip are called "partial days", and IRS Publication 463 addresses partial days as follows:

Travel for days you depart and return.   For both the day you depart for and the day you return from a business trip, you must prorate the standard meal allowance (figure a reduced amount for each day). You can do so by one of two methods.
  • Method 1: You can claim 3/4 of the standard meal allowance.

  • Method 2: You can prorate using any method that you consistently apply and that is in accordance with reasonable business practice.

EZPerDiem automatically assumes Method 1 and prorates the first and last day at 75%.  You can change this proration amount to 100% in the Tools & Settings page if you determine that 100% is acceptable for you.  EZPerDiem defaults to 75% because it is the most common, widely accepted proration rate by tax preparers in the flight crew tax industry.

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