What does it mean to substantiate an expense?

Substantiating an expense simply means record keeping in accordance with IRS guidelines.  Typically the following information should be recorded for any expense:

  • date of purchase
  • description of purchase
  • amount of purchase
  • business purpose (i.e. why was this necessary?)

Most expenses that do not require a receipt still must be substantiated.  Travel expenses that do not exceed $75 are an example of these types of expenses.  For example, assume a pilot or flight attendant tips the van driver $1 to get from the airport to the hotel.  That $1 tip does not require a receipt because it is less than $75 (note that having 100 $1 tips does not require receipts, but 1 $100 expense would because the individual expense exceeded $75).  Even though a receipt for a van tip might not be required, it still must be substantiated.  

EZPerDiem helps to automatically substantiate van tips.

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