I found a discrepancy with a per diem rate. How do I report it?

Per diem rates come directly from the government sources.  They are then uploaded into the EZPerDiem database where they are matched to their respecitive airport codes.  Therefore, most per diem rate disagreements are simply when users do not agree with the selected airport.  If this happens, users can edit their per diem rate on the Final Tax Report by clicking "edit" next to the date they wish to change.  On the popup that appears, users can change the per diem rate to any number they wish.  Users are cautioned that they should not do this if they are not sure what the per diem rate should be.

Also, on the popup, users will see a link to report an error.  You may notify us of a problem with a line via this link.

Per diem rates may be updated after they are loaded onto EZPerDiem. We load per diem rates in the early part of the year (typically January). If the government changes the rates, those new rates won’t be reflected on EZPerDiem. This is perfectly acceptable. The IRS does not expect you to update the rates if they change in the middle of tax season. Basically all of the rates are valid and the changes are usually negligible on a tax return.

Another possible reason one might want to change a rate is that they disagree with the location that EZPerDiem chooses. EZPerDiem chooses the city where the airport is located. A crew member may decided that this rate is not appropriate and may edit the rate if they wish.

What's all this about?

EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants with their flight crew taxes by:

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  • Organizing all the deductions on a Final Tax Report!
  • Making it easy for you to give the report to an account or enter into TurboTax!

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