If I didn't benefit, how can I get refunded?

If you navigate to the Tools & Settings page you will see a "Request Refund" button at the bottom of the page. Just click that button, and fill out the information (takes just a minute), then your refund will be processed. You will need IRS Form 1040 available to fill out the form.

This video will show you how to request a refund:

VIDEO: How do I request a refund?

Note for TurboTax users:

If you are using TurboTax (or other tax software), you just need to make sure the entire return is complete in order for it to be accurate. The refund number may not change after adding employee expenses on TurboTax if everything else on the return is not complete.

For example, if you add the flight crew tax deductions, but have not yet added mortgage interest or all income, the refund number won't be accurate.If you did complete the entire return, you can look at IRS Form 1040 to see if it is itemizing. If the standard deduction is used, you will see this on Line 40 on form 1040.

This following checklist will help make sure you entered everything you need to into TurboTax:

  • Your Income
  • Your spouse's income
  • Mortgage interest
  • Any other deductions
  • Your work-related expenses (via the TurboTax Guide from EZPerDiem)

What's all this about?

EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants with their flight crew taxes by:

  • Calculating your per diem deduction using two methods!
  • Helping you find flight crew tax deductions you are not aware of!
  • Organizing all the deductions on a Final Tax Report!
  • Making it easy for you to give the report to an account or enter into TurboTax!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not benefit, we will provide a 100% refund!

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