Can I deduct my cell phone?

Most pilots & flight attendants will not be able to (or even want to) try to write off their actual cell phone, but don't confuse that with writing of the cell phone service plan.  The monthly bill may be partly deductible if a crewmember uses the cell phone for work.

Pilots and flight attendants should not attempt to write off 100% of their monthly bill.  Only the business (or work) portion of the cell phone bill might be deductible.  For any expense to be tax deductible, it must meet the four deduction tests.  The last test says that in order for an expense to be deductible, it must not be personal.  A cell phone bill is typically both personal and business related.

Determining the portion of a cell phone bill that is business is somewhat subjective.  Some crewmembers use a percentage model, while other use a fixed amount.  For example, a percentage model calculation that assumes 80% business and 20% personal would simply multiply the cell phone bills by 80%.  A fixed amount model might assume a flat rate each month is business and the rest is personal.  For example, if a crewmember assumes $60 per month is necessary for work, the remainder would be consider personal.

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