Do I need to keep receipts for my meals or incidental expenses?

No.  When pilots and flight attendants use EZPerDiem's per diem calculator, receipts for M&IE expenses are not necessary because it is not using the actual cost of meals that is being deduction.  Instead, the appropriate federal per diem rate for each layover is used as the basis for determining what meal expenses are allowable.

For example, assume a pilot or flight attendant has an overnight in Chicago, O'Hare on Jan. 4.  When the crewmember enters the airport code (ORD) into EZPerDiem's per diem calculator, the per diem rate for ORD would be looked up and used as their M&IE expenses for that day.  It doesn't matter if the crewmember actually spends less or more.  The per diem rate is the basis for the meal expenses.

EZPerDiem also checks the special rate for transportation workers and uses this calculation method in addition to the city-by-city method.  Typically the city-by-city locality rates are higher, but both methods are check so you always get the highest.

What's all this about?

EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants with their flight crew taxes by:

  • Calculating your per diem deduction using two methods!
  • Helping you find flight crew tax deductions you are not aware of!
  • Organizing all the deductions on a Final Tax Report!
  • Making it easy for you to give the report to an account or enter into TurboTax!

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