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How does tax reform affect the 2018 tax year?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in December 2017 removed the federal tax deduction for per diem and flight crew expenses for the 2018 tax year. However, the deduction still exists for tax years 2017 and earlier. Additionally, some states may allow the tax deduction on state income tax returns. While we don’t have a list of the exact states with the deduction we recommend you use TurboTax or your local tax preparer to determine that. Please do not use EZPerDiem for 2018 federal taxes. Only use it for tax years 2017 and earlier for federal taxes. Only use 2018 if you’ve verified that you can use it for your state income tax return.

We highly recommend using TurboTax via the link below to ensure the best possible support for the federal deductions you are allowed to take.

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IMPORTANT CHANGE TO MONEYBACK GUARANTEE: Our money back guarantee applies to tax years 2017 and all years prior. Because the tax-law changed for the 2018 tax year, we are not refunding payments for 2018 and beyond for the following reasons:

  • The deductions may end up state income tax deductions for many states
  • We've reduced staffing because of the tax-law changes reduced most of our revenue
  • We have no way to efficiently verify whether or not customers benefited from state income tax deductions using the EZPerDiem service.

However, if you pay for the 2018 tax year, or tax years after 2018, we will automatically apply your payment as a credit for the first year that flight crew tax deductions are allowed as a federal deduction again. This means you can still use it for the current tax year on your state income taxes if allowed by your state, and you will also have a credit when the federal tax deduction gets reinstated in the future.

From our data, we've been informed that the following states apparently allow job expenses to be written off on state income tax returns:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania

We do not know the particulars of what job expenses those states allow or if other states also allow job expenses, so we highly recommend you seek out a tax preparer who is familiar with your state income tax laws to determine whether or not the job expenses that we generate can be used on state income tax returns.

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